Planning Utopia

dc.contributor.authorChevalier, Danielle and Yannis Tzaninis
dc.contributor.editorKlink, Bart Van
dc.contributor.editorSoniewicka, Marta
dc.contributor.editorBroeke, Leon van den
dc.coverage.spatialCheltenham, Eng. and North Hampton, MA
dc.identifier.citationChevalier, Danielle and Yannis Tzaninis. “Planning Utopia.” Illus. Utopian Thinking in Law, Politics, Architecture and Technology: Hope in a Hopeless World. Ed. Bart Van Klink, Marta Soniewicka, and Leon van den Broeke (Cheltenham, Eng. and North Hampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022), 208-226. Book free online at
dc.publisherEdward Elgar Publishing
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dc.titlePlanning Utopia
dc.typeBook chapter