Is Neverland a Children’s Utopia?

dc.contributor.authorOţoiu, Adrian
dc.contributor.editorTomoiagă, Ligia
dc.contributor.editorBarbul, Minodora
dc.contributor.editorDemarcsek, Ramona
dc.coverage.spatialNewcastle upon Tyne, Eng.
dc.descriptionPeter Pan
dc.identifier.citationOţoiu, Adrian. “Is Neverland a Children’s Utopia?” From Francis Bacon to William Golding: Utopias and Dystopias of Today and of Yore. Ed. Ligia Tomoiagă, Minodora Barbul, and Ramona Demarcsek (Newcastle upon Tyne, Eng.: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012), 236-54. Barrie, Peter Pan
dc.publisherCambridge Scholars Publishing
dc.relation.isaboutWendezeichen? Neue Sichtweisen auf die Literatur der DDR.
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dc.titleIs Neverland a Children’s Utopia?
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