The Year of the Flood (MaddAddam #2)

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Bloomsbury Publishing
The second book of the MaddAddam trilogy, The Year of the Flood follows many of the events described in Oryx and Crake from the perspective of those belonging to the lower social classes and living in the <i>“pleeblands”</i>, located outside of the walled compounds owned by the multinational corporations that housed both Snowman and Crake. Among them are the God’s Gardeners, a vegetarian religious group that lives in a commune and that fuses biblical teachings with sustainable scientific practices, intended to preserve all forms of life. God’s Gardeners believe that there is an impeding man-made catastrophe looming in the horizon, to which they refer as “The Waterless Flood”, an assumption that is partially proven right when Crake’s BlyssPluss pandemic decimates most of the world’s population. Two of the members of the God’s Gardeners, named Toby and Ren, are the main characters of the novel, and their individual stories intersect with each other and with Snowman’s and Crake’s own narratives.
Genetic engineering , extinction , post-apocalypse , dystopia , science fiction , ecofiction
Print: Atwood, Margaret. The Year of the Flood. London, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2009.