All the Birds in the Sky

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Tor Books
The novel follows Patricia and Laurence who are, respectively, a witch and a techno-geek, and a couple. While Patricia has magical abilities and eventually learns shapeshifting, Laurence becomes engaged with scientific discoveries and technological innovation, eventually managing to build a wormhole generator. Though the couple becomes estranged due to their divergent views on life and interests, they end up reconciling so as to fight the Unraveling, i.e. the deterioration of the world, who is now suffering from catastrophic natural disasters, as well as wars between the different countries and all the subsequent social unrest and massive destruction of the land.
Invention , science vs. witchcraft , extinction
Print: Anders, Charlie Jane. All the Birds in the Sky. Tor Books, 2016. ISBN: 978-0-7653-7994-8.