Food utopias: Hoping the future of agriculture

dc.contributor.authorStock, Paul
dc.contributor.authorCarolan, Michael
dc.contributor.authorRosin, Christopher
dc.contributor.editorStock, Paul
dc.contributor.editorCarolan, Michael
dc.contributor.editorRosin, Christopher
dc.coverage.spatialLondon Routledge Earthscan
dc.identifier.citationStock, Paul V.; Michael Carolan; and Christopher Rosin. “Food utopias: Hoping the future of agriculture.” Food Utopias: Reimagining Citizenship, Ethics and Community. Ed. Paul V. Stock, Michael Carolan, and Christopher Rosin (London Routledge Earthscan, 2015), 3-11.
dc.publisherRoutledge Earthscan
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dc.titleFood utopias: Hoping the future of agriculture
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